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Ultrasound System S2000
Shear Wave Elastography based on Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse imaging (ARFI), with features like:

1. Virtual Touch Imaging: create an Elastogram for any region of interest.
2. V Touch Quantification: numerical value to shear wave speed propo to tissue stiffness
3. Virtual Touch IQ: imaging & quantification in one display

This will help us to conduct multi-parametric Ultrasound examinations; where the information derived from B mode & Color Doppler, will be combined with Shear Wave Elastography, for the assessment of:
1. Thyroid
2. Liver, Prostate & Uterus
3. Breast

Chronic Liver Disease – Going Beyond Fatty Liver
Stages of CLD
1. NAFLD               Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
2. NASH                 Non-Alcoholic Steato Hepatitis
3. Fibrosis
4. Cirrhosis

Early fibrosis is potentially reversible & therefore early detection of fibrosis is desirable.

Chronic Liver Disease (CLD) can be due to
1. Alcohol
2. Obesity, Hypo-thyroid, Insulin resistance
3. hepatitis C

Modalities –Fibrosis can be diagnosed by:
1. Liver Biopsy gold standard
2. SWE non-invasive

Suggested guidelines for interpretation of Liver Stiffness / Hardness with SWE
Increase in tissue stiffness, leads to increase in propagation of shear waves.
1. 3 - 6 kPa               normal
2. 7 – 9 kPa              fibrosis
3. 10 +                       cirrhosis