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BR Diagnostics
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Ultrasound System Logiq Fortis

Gain a new level of confidence in obstetric and Gynecologic Exams

Exceptional 3D/4D volume imaging
OmniView & VCI OmniView:

Help improve visualization of structures in even irregularly shaped ones such IUCDs

Advance STIC:

Visualize entire anatomical structures, such as the fetal heart, in one or two heart cycles.

HDLive rendering:

Brings unprecedented anatomical realism to surface, vascular and internal structures of fetal and female anatomy.

Ultrasound Based Liver Fat & Fibrosis Quantification

Confused between Grade 1/2/3 Fatty Liver on a normal Ultrasound?
Get high accuracy in diagnosis & Grading Fatty Liver with the advance UGAP
UGAP is the most reliable & quick painless method for Diagnosis & follow up care of patient with chronic Liver Disease
Rate of Ultrasound
Group Test MRP
Neuro Cranium 2500
Head & Neck Neck / Thyroid 2500
Head & Neck Carotid & V Art 3000
Thorax Pleural Tap 2500
Abdomen Upper Abdomen 1500
Abdomen Whole Abdomen 2000
Abdomen Portal Vein / Renal Artery + Colour Doppler 3000
Abdomen KUB 1500
Abdomen Prostate + TRUS 2000
Abdomen Scrotum + Colour Doppler 3000
Abdomen Penile Arteries (sildenafil) 3000
Abdomen Follicular study (per visit) 1000
Abdomen Pelvis 1500
Abdomen Pelvis + TVS 2000
Abdomen Liver Elastography 2500
Abdomen Liver Attenuation (CAP) 2500
Abdomen Liver Attenuation (CAP) + Elastography 4000
MSK Extremity 2500
MSK Limb artery 1 limb 3000
MSK Limb Vein 1 limb 3000
Obstetrics Fetal Viability 2000
Obstetrics Fetal Nuchal 2000
Obstetrics Fetal Anomaly 2500
Obstetrics Fetal Anomaly + 3D / 4D 3000
Obstetrics Fetal Echo 3000
Obstetrics Fetal growth + Colour Doppler 3000
Obstetrics Fetal growth + Colour Doppler + Biophysical Profile 3500
Obstetrics Twins Double Rate
Breast Bilateral Breast 2500