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A Lateral cephalogram (ceph) is a profile x ray of the skull and adjoining soft tissues.

What is the purpose?

A cephalogram is used to assess the relation of the teeth in the jaws, relation of jaws to the skull & relation of soft tissues to the teeth & jaws. In Children growth predictions can be made & we can also determine the changes that have occurred during & with the treatment. In adults, treatment can be predicted with varying degree of accuracy & results quantified.

How does it help your dentist?

The cephalogram allows the dentist to trace anatomic points, planes & angles that assist in the evaluation of the patient’s facial growth and development.
  • Observe pathologic changes
  • Evaluate dento-facial proportions & clarify that anatomic basis of diagnosis & malocclusion
  • Recognize & evaluate changes before, during, & after orthodontic treatment
  • Predict future changes that might occur in the craniofacial complex.