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BR Diagnostics
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Computed tomography has been expanding rapidly and CBCT is the latest, most advanced generation of CTs. Cone Beam technology uses a cone shaped X-Ray beam that projects onto an amorphous silicon flat panel detector. The scanner rotates 360 degrees around a patient’s head in a matter of seconds with the patient in a comfortable sitting position. The single turn motion image capture used in Cone Beam CT is quicker than conventional spiral motion, and can be accomplished at a lower radiation dose as a result of no overlap of slices. Cone beam CT provides views that can be presented as 3D volumes or 2D images for diagnosis and advanced planning

9300 C Premium

  • Maximum Image Quality – Life Size images with isotropic resolution (0.1mm), giving superb image quality.
  • Minimum Radiation Dose – The radiation dose is only 0.02mSv (AERB guidelines permit 1mSv/year) thus facilitating the ALARA principle, “as low as reasonably achievable”.

Sophisticated Features

It helps in planning Implants by:
  • Evaluating Alveolar Bone – volume & quality
  • Mark the sinus or mandibular canal
  • Implant simulation


  • Focused field 5 x 5cms
  • Single Jaw 5 x 10cms
  • Double Jaw 10 x 10cms
  • Maxillo-Facial 13.5 x 17cms
  • TM Joints
  • PN Sinuses


  • Impaction
  • Infection
  • Neoplasm
  • Implants
  • Trauma